High Grade .28 gram

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  • Elite Force  BB's  .28 (2700 Round Bottle)
    The Elite Force 0.28g BB's are seamless precision grade BB's, perfect for all Elite Force guns and high end AEGs.  Using 0.28g BBs provide greater accuracy and shot consistency than 0.12g BB's, and won't break apart in your airsoft gun which can void your gun's warranty and damage your airsoft ..
  • Elite Force .28g bio 5000ct

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    One of the newest BB brand on the airsoft market, and sure to be a huge hit. These BB's are as close to a perfect 6.00mm as you can get. Rather than keeping their bb's in a flimsy, hard to handle and reseal bag like other brands, Elite Force BBs come in an easy to handle and easy to store bottle so ..