KWA M93R W/ Metal Slide NS2 Model Airsoft Gun

KWA M93R W/ Metal Slide NS2 Model Airsoft Gun

Brand: KWA
Product Code: kwarm3
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The KWA M93R 2009 Model is a great update to the previous M93R. KWA has achieved an extremely fast rate of fire by replacing the metal lower receiver with a plastic one, as well as updating the internals of the M93R. This pistol operates on semi-auto, 3 round burst, and full-auto. The magazine well is modified to fit the thumb of the support hand for the forward grip. The magazine is extended for a greater capacity. Another great update to the 2009 model is the finish, the entire black finish on the gun really adds to the tactical and newer look of the pistol. Although the pistol is designed for right handed shooters it's very comfortable in the opposite hand. This a great new pistol to add to your arsenal from KWA.

Manufacturer: KWA
Muzzle Velocity: 330 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 32 rounds
Package Includes: gun, magazine, manual

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