KJW KP-06 Full Metal Hi-Capa Xcelerator GBB Airsoft Gun

KJW KP-06 Full Metal Hi-Capa Xcelerator GBB Airsoft Gun

Brand: KJW
Product Code: KJW KP06
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Price: $134.99

The KJ Works Full Metal Hi-Capa Xcelerator Airsoft Gun is a competition ready race gas blow back pistol right out of the box. This gun features a 6" full metal slide and metal frame. Beneath the barrel is a rail for mounting lasers or flashlights. The front and rear sights are green fiber optic dot type sights, and the rear sight is adjustable. The trigger and hammer are drilled for some tacticool style. The double stack grips are made of high quality plastic and are textured for a cool look and comfortable grip. The safety is ambidextrous and elongated for easier use, the slide release is also elongated for a shorter reach. Everything on this gun is designed for speed, such as the magazine well. All of these features add up to a very good looking race ready pistol, whether you're shooting for competition or in an operation this pistol will perform.

Back in the early days of airsoft to build a gun like this would have cost over $1000.00! Additionally, a 6" race pistol was almost impossible to find. KJW is providing this fantastic pistol to you for only $135.00! Additionally, this gun is compatible with CO2 which will give you even more firepower!

Manufacturer: KJW
Muzzle Velocity: 335-350FPS
Magazine Capacity: 32 rounds
Package Includes: gun, magazine

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