Elite Force 1911 Tac C02 Pistol

Elite Force 1911 Tac C02 Pistol

Brand: Elite Force
Product Code: 1911
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Price: $119.99

The Elite Force Full Metal 1911 features everything that you would find on a real steel piece; everything from the iron sights to the beaver tail is present and fully functional. The textured grip ensure that the user maintains a positive grip on the weapon even during high speed transitions. The slide also features Elite Force trademarks on both sides. Internally the Elite Force 1911 is more than ready to use the CO2 magazine that it is included with. When firing this 1911 on CO2, the slide recoils very crisp and fast producing a very hard kick. The Elite Force Full Metal 1911 is an affordable option that won't disappoint players that are on a budget!

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